When health and politics collide

1917. "Walter Camp exercise school. Cabinet officials exercising with other government officials."

You’re not alone if you feel that becoming fit, loosing weight, eating the recommended allotment of fruits and vegetables are hard goals to achieve. And you’re not alone if you open the newspapers and feel overwhelmed by the political scandals, the mountains of problems and endless issues that compete for your attention. Wouldn’t you just rather curl up with a nice novel or tune into reality TV just to escape?

Unfortunately, we live in complicated bodies and we live in complicated societies. It is so tempting to just let others take hold of the steering wheel and tell us what to eat, drink and think. It is so tempting to not put the effort into being healthy and then rely on a pill to fix our mistakes. It’s so easy to ignore what’s happening in our communities and rely on others to fix the problems we ignored.

I know we are busy, we have lives, we have jobs (well not as many as we used to), we have families and obligations to take care of. We need people to read the studies and the bills in Congress and digest it and make it easy to understand. Who has time to do that when you can barely get a load of laundry done?

But here is where it gets interesting. Those experts we rely on may not be experts, those huge organizations that are supposed to be taking care of you and keeping you safe probably may be working for someone else and you probably shouldn’t trust those that seem to be trustful. The nightly news may not be giving you the real news, your doctor may be limited in the ability to treat you fully and you are discouraged from preventing disease yet pharmaceuticals are at your beckon call.

But stop, before I loose you completely and you throw up your hands and say “I give up”, there is hope and good news. I know there are plenty out there that really are sick of being sick, tired of being tired, feel depressed about their depression and just want to feel good in their bodies and be able to live their lives to the max.

I don’t have any magic pills, or a magic diet or “no-effort” exercise plan  to cure what ails you. But the good news is that you can take responsibility for your own health and your own ideas. You don´t have to wait for or rely on a new diet book, a new health care plan, a new fitness gadget, or a new scientific discovery. You can improve your health and fitness starting right now! No one else can do it for you and that is so exciting! We define ourselves!

I don’t care if you sit on the couch, eat crap and pop pills and don’t ever vote if that’s really what you want to do. It’s your life, not mine. All I care about is that you have as much good information and have put a little bit of effort into thinking about your options when you came to the conclusion that what you do today is the best you can do today. Tomorrow will be different. You’ll probably have to reevaluate what you’re doing, every hour, every month, every year and make adjustments.

The wreck that is left after health and politics collide is messy, disturbing and not for the weak of stomach. I hope on this blog I can help clean it up a little so we can see through the mess.

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