“Actively Political” Defined

Today I filled out a ballot for our local elections and noticed  a list of ballot drop-off locations that came with the mailing . One drop-off location was at my local fire station. It happens to be on one of my running routes. Perfect, I thought. I’ll save myself a stamp and some gas. So off I went for my run, ballot in hand. As I was returning home, it occurred to me that what I had done was really the true definition of “actively political”. Now I don’t usually get my heart rate up that much while I’m involved in political activities, except perhaps when I’m reading the latest case of political corruption or debacle in health care. And I don’t usually think about politics when I’m at the gym or on a run. I tried listening to political podcasts while I work out, but found it hard to concentrate on the content while counting reps.


So being “active” and “political” don’t often occur simultaneously. We often compartmentalize each one. But hopefully here in this blog, I’ve been able to show you how politics do in fact affect our health and overall fitness and how our sense of well-being or lack of it can affect politics. I hope to continue to write about topics that show how our decisions regarding our lifestyles and the choices we make can impact not only ourselves but our society,  and how decisions made by society and politicians can affect our health. It may be trivial that I saved a small amount of gas and carbon emissions today by choosing to run instead of drive, but change is all about one small choice at a time. It’s about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, it’s about voting instead of opting out, it’s about less junk food and more organic vegetables, and it’s about calling or writing your representatives to tell them how you feel.

The health of your body and the health of our political system depend on you being actively involved in both.

Please leave a comment if there are topics you are interested in me covering. I welcome your feedback.


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