Death By Modern Medicine

I recently have come across a very interesting book, “Death by Modern Medicine” by Dr. Carolyn Dean. “Death by Modern Medicine” is the winner of the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Most Progressive Health book.

This 270 plus page book shows how the allopathic medical community has failed to encourage good health, especially by prevention through propaganda, health care bureaucracy, and the focus on profits instead of healing. It shows, statistically, that the number 1 killer in North America, is in fact, one of the most heavily regulated products, services and facilities industry in North America – The Allopathic Medical Disease Industry.

This book shows how your health & the dying process is a profit-making business and how keeping you sick is a good business practice.

Dr. Dean also has an informative and witty newsletter (uncensored by any third-party commercial interests) that you can access via her website at Future Health Now! Make sure you sign up to receive the latest issues of the newsletter via email.

When she’s not serving as medical director for The Nutritional Magnesium Association, writing books (she’s got 18 out now) and helping clients with her telephone consultation practice – she’s busy developing Future Health Now! – her 48-week total wellness program.

As a member of Future Health Now! every 7 days you receive a new password which allows you to download a new module in the program. There are 48 modules in total.

Each module contains a 12-page PDF document written by Dr. Dean detailing four simple action-items you can take (from her Seven Pillars of Health model) for increasing your energy, sleeping better and improving your mental acuity. It’s not about giving you more “health information overload” it’s about helping you change your lifestyle so you see permanent improvements in your health.

For more information about Future Health Now!  click HERE.

For an interesting interview of Dr. Dean by fitness expert Ben Greenfield, click HERE.


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