What do those numbers on fruit stickers mean?

When you buy fruit, do you know what you are getting? The number on the sticker will tell you.

Organic produce is denoted by a five-digit number whose first digit is 9.

An 8 prefix indicates genetically modified food.

Stickers that begin with a 3 or a 4 are conventionally grown.

For more information go to FruitSticker.com

The cleanest (least amount of pesticides) produce that are not organic are:

1. onions

2. avocado

3. sweet corn

4. pineapple

5. mango

6. asparagus

7. peas

To see more clean fruits and veggies and to learn which ones are the “dirtiest” and should be avoided, CLICK HERE.


8 thoughts on “What do those numbers on fruit stickers mean?

  1. sherijkennedyriverside says:

    Thanks for this info. Really helpful. 🙂 And I’ll remember that 8 is the genetic one cuz it kind looks like a little piece of a genetic string or whatever that woven looking thing is called. You can tell I’m scientifically specific in memories, eh? I know the concept well. I suppose it’s also a little strange that I can remember the meaning of the genetic pattern symbol on the fruit more easily than the number 8 🙂 Maybe it’s like the Bag-Chicken thing….lol.


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