UPDATE: What do those stickers on fruit mean? Genetically modified fruit.

In my previous post, I stated that the numbers on fruit stickers could indicate if the fruit is genetically modified. These fruits would have a sticker that begins with an “8”.  Although this coding system exists, it seems that they are never used and like me, you probably have never seen one on a piece of fruit.

These PLU numbers are used mainly for inventory purposes and to help the checker input the correct product into the computer at checkout. They are not for educating the consumer about whether the fruit or vegetable is conventionally grown, organic or genetically modified.

So if you want to avoid GMO fruits and vegetables and other GMO products, what can you do?   One good source of information is www.NonGMOShoppingGuide.com. It provides tips on how to avoid GMO’s  and a shopping guide.

Most of Hawaii’s papaya crops have been genetically modified to resist the Papaya Ring Virus. Some zucchini and yellow squash are also genetically modified to resist viruses. GMO corn on the cob is also approved in the US. You would probably be best to only buy the organic versions of these.

Another great website is GMO Compass. Although it is European, it has some great information, including a huge database on all GMO products.

If you have ever seen a PLU sticker with a number starting with “8”, please let us know in the comment box, including the city and state.

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