Barefoot Running – A Metaphor

Friction Blisters on Human foot due to running...
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My life now is like barefoot running. It took courage and intuitiveness to take off my shoes the first time. But the freedom felt so good. I started off too quickly, knowing I should slow down to not risk the pain & injury, but I was so giddy with the new-found euphoria.  I persevered through the occasional bruises and blisters while finding that the pain in my back was subsiding. I knew I had chosen correctly, although skepticism occasionally made me question my decision.

Somedays it feels like flying and others, when the feet are tender, feels awkward and painful. When I am really cold, I feel numb. I often am the only one running barefoot, alone in my endeavor. But occasionally a kindred spirit runs along side me, encouraging me and supporting me.

I feel the earth below me. I feel my body, mind and spirit adjusting to the unevenness and obstacles, learning to step lightly, but now so attentive to be more efficient and powerful than ever before.

The distance can be long, lonely and difficult. Sometimes I just want to stop, turn around, and go back to where I started. Other days I see the gift I’ve been given, one which not everyone has received, and I am deeply grateful for the possibilities of that gift. I go on.

Running barefoot is about awareness, patience, feeling fully, perseverance, exploration, courage, acceptance of limitations and the celebration of our potential. It is about curing old injuries and finding new health, inner-strength and joy.

Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.
~John Updike


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