What are we teaching our kids about food?

It is simple to know if our society, our schools, our teachers, and our parents are teaching our children about healthy food. It is just as simple to know if we are teaching our children how to kill themselves slowly and live shorter lives than their parents.

We don’t need expensive medical studies published in the Lancet or written by Stanford doctors to know. We don’t need government guidelines or articles in Time magazine to tell us.

All it takes is a quick look through our pantries and refrigerators. All it takes is a look at the school menus that our children eat from. All it takes is a look at the approximately 32% of American children that are obese or overweight. All it takes is a simple observation that the majority of food in the supermarket is unhealthy. All it takes is a quick count of the number of fast food restaurants you see on your way to work.

The culture of food as a nourishing tradition and the skill of cooking healthy meals and passing down those recipes to our children are dying or already dead. They’ve been usurped by agriculture subsidies, government policies, corporate profits, medical practices and frankly, by apathy.

We spend many hours a week carting our children to soccer and baseball practice in hopes that they will be star athletes. We spend time and money on music lessons and tutoring hoping they will be successful. Yet we spend much less time thinking about and preparing a healthy meal for them.  Parents are passionate about providing a good education for their children, but lack in teaching them about one of the most important parts of life: food.

What is the difference between Illness and Wellness? “I” and “We”.

I profoundly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes that binds us to the best bits of life.   ~Jamie Oliver


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