24981-143-012fcrHow do you combine two apparently mismatched interests? Degrees in political science and sociology and a passion for fitness combine in unusual ways. Nothing in my life follows any type of continuum. I am a mismatched compilation of experiences, tastes, education and interests. I enjoy the newness of everyday, the predictability of a schedule and being able to choose where in the spectrum I like to be at any given moment. I am blessed or cursed with a curious mind that loves to explore the less considered ideas and possibilities of a world that most of us only scratch the surface of.

With the age of the internet comes an amazing access to information and we are now faced with the almost impossible task of ignoring it or dealing with it. Our health is intimately tied in with political systems and consumerism promoted by the profit motive. The health of our political system and it’s ability to function as it was designed to do so is in danger. I hope to share with you those thoughts, ideas and information on these topics that I find either extremely fascinating or just too hard to ignore and help make them digestible so that you may be able to nourish your mind and body.

~Christine Buckley


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